About Black Princess


Who is she?

The Black Princess is my childhood best friend MeeMee.  She is a beautiful, smart, strong, black woman who shines brightly.  Despite appearances, having been an honor student and a cheerleader, she still faced discrimination whilst growing up.  When we were nineteen she told me how hard it was to grow up as a black girl, when your hair and skin color are always wrong.  American beauty standards often exclude black girls, portraying a beauty that is impossible to attain.  Meemee told me that she hated being told she was "pretty for a black girl" as if it was a compliment.  Why couldn't she just be pretty?  Because of this, I wrote her a poem, expressing how I viewed her and how she had always been strong and beautiful.  Meemee told me that it was exactly what she needed to hear as a child, and what needed to be available for little black girls.  Because of her, I turned the poem into a children's book with hopes of it being an outside voice that uplifts and builds self confidence in little girls.  All little girls deserve to feel beautiful and to see themselves emulated in the media.  Seeing characters in a book that a child can relate to might help teach a little girl to recognize her natural beauty and love herself the way she was created.


About the author

I am an Asian, Latina, Native American writer living in The Pacific North West.  I come from a large multicultural family and take pride in my mixed heritage.  I started writing children's books while living in Japan to share my rich culture with my son and niece.  This is my first self published book in a series of confidence builiding books for ethnic and minority children in the United States.


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